Transition Program

Kinder to Prep Transition

Kerang South Primary School provides a comprehensive transition program for future Prep students and their parents through familiarisation with, and understanding of, their future primary school environment.
A parent information session is held at the school in Term 2 to discuss readiness for school.
A booklet ‘Starting School? A Guide for Parents’ is distributed to all parents at this session.
A school open day is generally held in conjunction with Education Week. Invitations are distributed to the pre-school.
An open invitation to all Kinder parents is extended for this session, even those considering other schools at this time.
Pre-schoolers and their parents are encouraged to visit the school in Term 3 for an informative and individual school tour. We do request that all enrolment forms are returned by the end of Term 3.
An informative parent session is held late in Term 4 at KSPS to outline school expectations and general school procedures as well as answer any questions parents may have.
Pre-schoolers are invited to attend school each Friday morning during Term 4 for the Perceptual Motor Program – an invaluable program focussing on fine and gross motor, coordination and spatial awareness skills. They participate in this fun filled program along with current Prep students. Parents are encouraged to stay on and take on a helper role in activities.
Three other orientation sessions are held in late November/early December to familiarise the pre-schoolers with the school, teachers and routines. These include two morning sessions and an afternoon session. Pre-schoolers are allocated a buddy in Grade 5-6 during the transition process.
Early in the new year, a parent information session is held to familiarise parents with classroom programs and ideas and strategies to assist their child at home.

Grade Six to Year Seven Transition

At Kerang South Primary School, the Grade 6 to Year 7 program supports exiting students by providing opportunities for them to become familiar and comfortable with their future secondary environment.
The Grade 6 program at KSPS has a strong focus on preparing the students for the transition to Year 7. Emphasis is placed on the need to be organised and how to do this. Examples of this include using time tables, a daily agenda, diary, homework routines and rotations. The ‘You Can Do It’ program also supports the transition process.
The transition process for Grade 6 students begins in Term 2 for the students who plan to attend KTHS. In Term 2, the Year 7 Co-ordinator at KTHS and the KSPS Transition Co-ordinator arrange the first visit to KTHS. Students attend KTHS for an afternoon.
In Term 2, KTHS staff members speak to the Grade 6 students at KSPS about the expectations for the start of Year 7 and the transition afternoon. Past students in Year 7 also return to the school to talk about their transition to secondary school.
Late Term 3, all students attend a second transition day at KTHS as potential Year 7 students.
In December, the Grade 6 students attend KTHS for an Orientation Day.
McKillop College contacts KSPS in Term 2. All families who are considering attending McKillop College are given an information pack. These students attend 2 transition days and an orientation day throughout the year.
Both KTHS and McKillop College regularly send home newsletters to the families of Grade 6 students.

End of Grade 6

  • A transition form is forwarded to KTHS which includes information such as subjects that require attention or extension, and recommendations for suitable class placement. This is filled out by the Grade 6 teacher with input from each student.
  • Recommendations to place students with each other are also based upon students’ requests, academic strengths and common interests. Students are usually placed with one friend they have chosen.
  • KSPS aims to achieve a balance of transition activities which ensures that the process provides students with enough information and experiences without being detrimental or too disruptive to the Grade 6 program.