Students at Kerang South Primary School are given the opportunity to experience and use technology across all learning areas.

Students across all year levels are provided with the opportunity to use technology in a variety of ways. Each of our classrooms is fitted with an interactive whiteboard and a number of computers in which students have access to. We also have a computer lab for student use during class activities and lunch times.

1-1 Education in Grade 5-6

Kerang South Primary School offers 1-1 education with students in Grade 5-6 leasing a netbook from the school for these two years. Students bring their netbook to school each day and take it home to charge each night.

ICT is integrated into the daily curriculum, with students using their netbooks to complete activities across all curriculum areas.

Students are encouraged to use web 2.0 technology such as Skype, Blogs, Wikis and email to contact their teachers, communicate with other students, upload and share their digital work as well as write reflections on their thinking and learning.

Students are encouraged to present their work in a variety of ways using technology, including animations, movies and audio recordings. Students use a vareity of programs including; PowerPoint, PhotoStory, Movie Maker, Kahootz, Google Sketch Up and Inspiration.

Design and Technologies

Digital Technologies