VictorianCurriculum English

Kerang South Primary School aims to develop all students’ literacy skills in the areas of reading, writing, spelling, speaking and listening and thinking.

Early Years Literacy

In Grade P-2, students learn how sounds in English are represented and use their knowledge to gain meaning from print. They practise reading and writing a variety of text types to achieve fluency and develop comprehension strategies.

In Grade 3-4, students continue to build on their literacy skills through a range of whole class and small group activities in order to become successful readers and writers.

Middle Years Literacy

In Grade 5-6, students consolidate and build on their knowledge and skills related to language and texts. They become independent readers and writers who take more responsibility for their learning.

Intervention Program

An Intervention Program is available for Grade 1 who need extra support in developing their literacy skills. This program enables the Grade 1 students to work individually with the intervention teacher.


Students at Kerang South Primary School have a specialist library lesson for 1 hour a week with our Librarian. All students are able to borrow books weekly from our library.

The program includes: care of books, parts of books, sections of the library, how a library works, research including use of a computer search tool to find books in our library, and learning about authors and illustrators.