About Us

Kerang is a busy service centre for the immediate and wider farming district. It has extensive sporting facilities, a large range of community services and a stable population of about 3900.
Kerang South Primary School, which opened in 1967, is situated in the southern area of the town. Its enrolment is presently around 150 and approximately one quarter of the students travel in by bus from the surrounding district.

The buildings consist of a recently upgraded main wing including 1 classroom, 8 relocatable classrooms, new children’s toilets, an art / music room, computer lab, well equipped library, multi-purpose room, a fully enclosed basketball court and multi-purpose shed, a large covered outdoor learning area, several store sheds and a Physical Education equipment store. The impressive grounds incorporate a large playing field and basketball court, attractive gardens with extensive shading, new bike shelter, a chook yard, community garden, fitness track and a large variety of play equipment. Access to the town’s facilities, such as the swimming pool, is usually achieved by bus.

The school enjoys the active support of parents and the local community. Kerang South Primary School is part of the Southern Mallee Network of schools and often engages with other schools in exciting educational activities and teacher professional development initiatives. In 2019, Kerang South was again chosen to be a lead school for 3 nearby schools as a part of the Department of Education and Training’s SIP initiative (School Improvement Partnership) working on consistency of excellent teaching practice.

VISION (Intention)

Each individual at Kerang South thrives as a learner.
· Committed to growing academically, socially and emotionally.
· Responsible for their own behaviour and its impact on others.
· Proud of the respect and support given to each other and the community spirit lived each day.


At Kerang South Primary School we value:

RESPECT: We respect what and how we achieve, the relationships we have and the opportunity for these to evolve.
(The umbrella value that the following sit under)
LEARNING: We are open to learning and using feedback to get things right and do the right things.
RESPONSIBILITY: We are responsible for our own learning and doing what we can do to enable others to learn.
GROWTH: We encourage each individual to grow and to be active decision makers in the focus for and measurement of their achievements.
CONSISTENCY: We provide consistency in the access each learner has to quality teaching.
COMMUNITY SPIRIT: We welcome all learners and the diversity that builds the vibrancy in our community.

The You Can Do It! program is an integral part of our culture. The foundations of Persistence, Confidence, Getting Along, Organisation and Resilience have been adopted and are promoted throughout the school. These 5 foundations are essential for achieving success. We are also a Better Buddies school (Alannah & Madeline Foundation).